Sunday, September 28, 2008

Take Me Home, Country Roads

It's perfect. Absolutely perfect, this new place that we live. I have always dreamed of living "in the country" where fields encased with long horse fences stretched as far as the eye could see and trees stood tall like islands in the vast openness. But, being the somewhat "city girl" that I am, I never wanted to give up being close to my beloved Wal-Mart or good restaurants to go for true country living.

Well I've found the best of both worlds.

We are maybe a mile from the interstate yet you'd never know it. In 10 minutes, I can drive to one of the largest malls in Nashville, yet on my walk this morning, I did not see a single person...only the aforementioned scenery with lots of cows and horses. It was glorious.  With my iPod cranked up as high as it could go, I walked open roads and viewed beautiful sunrise vistas and sang out loud to my heart's content. To those who know me well, this is about as close to heaven as it gets for me.

Take me home country roads...or take me to the mall. Either way, I'm loving our new place.


Shannon said...

Congrats on the new house! Do we get to see pics?? I know where you live - you're about 10 min from my mom! I just love that area! I'm coming home in November to go to Christmas Village with my mom. Have you heard of it? You MUST go. All things Christmas-y and crafty all in the fairgrounds. There's this lady there every year that sells a pumpkin roll that is to-die-for!!! Check it out!

Melissa said...

I'm so glad to hear that you guys love the new place so much. This is (another) testiment to God's grace, and timing, and perfect providence! He allowed that other deal to fall through, only to one-up your choice with this one. Yay God! :o)