Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Evening

White lightbulbs dangled
Criscrossing above our heads
Sound checks...check one two, one two
Practice strums and idle chatter

We sat side by side
At a table for two
A comfortable silence
Taking it all in

A leisurely dinner
Followed by dessert and coffee
I notice our knees brushing
An awareness usually reserved
For first dates

The show begins
And familiar harmonies
Fill the air
My shoulders relax
My worries cease

I am floating on the melodies
I am young
I am free
I am...happy.


MiaKatia said...

Wow sounds like a wonderful date night. I am glad that you two got to go out and have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Can we say "jealous"? LOL! Sounds like a wonderful night...Sean and I hope to have one this weekend...Love Denny