Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Bloggy Real Life!

Oh what fun. Meeting one of my favorite bloggy peoples in the In person. Face to face. How cool was it to hug the neck of Anna of the wonderful blog Sincerely Anna...and the utterly adorable Max and Minnie! I warned her that I was going to eat. them. up. And people, let me assure you that is exactly what I did.

Seeing Anna for the first time was surreal. I read her blog every day and feel as if I know their family inside out. If I could only read 5 blogs a day while stranded on a deserted island...hers would be one of them. She is just as sweet and beautiful in person as she comes across on her site and is such a good Mommy to those sweet kiddos.

We took the water taxi across the Inner Harbor (quite a treat for Max) and ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I had to rush back to get a presenter set-up for the meeting but then Max got quite a thrill from seeing the boats from "Miss Katie's" room.

Here are some pics from our wonderful visit. Hopefully they'll be stopping through Nashville around Christmas and staying with us for a night. That would be such a treat!

Thank you Anna for driving up to Baltimore and for spending a delightful few hours with me. You are more wonderful in person than I could have imagined!


Sincerely Anna said...

You posted first - you win! I loved meeting you in person and we had so much fun in Baltimore. Thanks for a great day and Max is dying to sit down with me and look at the video of D. on your blog. Those two boys have got to meet one another!

MelDrop's Corner said...

too cool! and btw, LOVE your jacket...can i have it??

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

How fun. Can't wait for MY turn next month. :)

Heading to read Anna now after your raving review! :)

MiaKatia said...

That is so fun! I am glad you got to meet each other.