Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter's Afternoon

Soft sunlight slants
Illuminating the creekbed below
A sky saturated in blue
Awaits its promised visitors
Feathery white flakes
Falling in random patterns
And frozen droplets
Grasping onto branches
Like a lover's embrace

I wait as well

Eager to observe
Transformation of nature
Outside my window
Blue turned to grey
And bushes huddling for warmth
As I take it all in
By the soft glow of a crackling fire
Basking in my own lover's embrace


Anonymous said...

OK, Katie, what's your secret? how is it that you have an afternoon fire, peacefully watching the flakes aflight, in the embrace of your lover, in, as you say, the AFTERNOON??? LUCKY!!! I'm green.....!!! :-)

Katiebod said...

Actually, that was the "I wait as well" part... :-) Hoping that the weather will arrive causing us to have to take it all in by the fireside. Supposed to be wintery overnight. We'll see what the morning holds in store...

Melissa said...

Love it! thank you! :-)

Katiebod said...

Well, I now know that the "bod" part in Katiebod stands for "blog-on-demand" :-) Happy to oblige.