Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Parenthood Interview--Part Deaux

"What kind of home did you grow up in?"
My younger years were spent in a two parent household and my sister and I were fed with a passion for poetry and music and all things comical...and were constantly surrounded by interesting people...

"How are you most like your Mom?"
Artsy, creative, passionate, dry sense of humor, dramatic and drawn to crisis like a moth to a flame

"How are you most like your Dad?"
Analytical, detail-oriented, a people person and as hard headed as they come...

"Tell me about your marriage"
Well, you know how there are people who just "fit" together? That's us. We're enough alike to be compatible and are different enough to keep it interesting. Except for his unfortunate affinity for older country music with an annoying twang, we're pretty much made for each other.

"Now, let's is a brief list of some of the documents we'll need from you and Keith to complete your home study:"
~~Criminal Background Check
~~Complete physicals for each of you
~~Immunizations for Daniel and yearly check-up report
~~Federal fingerprints
~~Firearms clearance
~~Swimming pool disclaimer
~~Employment history/salary
~~Family budget
~~tax returns
~~Property deed
~~four letters of reference
~~letter from each side of the family

...and the list goes on......................................

This, folks, is my labor. Can I go ahead and get that epidural, please?

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