Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Electric Blanket Moments

What is your electric blanket? By that, I mean what is the one thing that gives you a sense of warmth and peace...maybe even security? As I was putting my son's pajamas away this morning, I noticed that his electric blanket was still turned on. Without hesitation, I slipped into his bed and nestled down under a toasty heap of warm covers. As my bare feet defrosted and whispered to me a faint "thank you," I realized that we all have "electric blankets" in our life that provide us with a moment of peace.

Sometimes my "electric blanket" moments come in the form of catching my son as he dicovers something new or his giggle when he is truly happy. Sometimes it's in a song or the embrace of my husband when I'm feeling down. And, truthfully, it can be in a bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream, too. Electric blanket moments can happen anywhere at any time. And, sometimes it can not be a physical thing at all, but possibly just an unspoken understanding between two people.

Don't we all need "electric blanket" moments now and then? I think I'll go slip back under those covers for just a minute longer.....

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Miki and Jason said...

He lives! I am proof.