Monday, August 18, 2014

The Straight of What???

I'm tired. Bone tired. Today has been one of the oddest, most roller coaster-ish days I've had in a very long time. It's 10:20 and I've just gotten my boys in bed because we had late homework to do. Why late homework? Because we had a Spirit Night fundraiser for the PTO tonight and I was at The Frigid Frog for nearly 6 hours. And, because Keith is traveling the next few nights I had the boys with me the whole time.

And, let me tell you, my first "event day" as PTO President was nothing short of exhausting. Serious conversations, walking the halls of the school delivering labels to every single classroom for the kids to wear home as a reminder about tonight and then 4 out of the 6 hours spent in the broiling sun meeting and greeting with the families that came. (I must admit that even though it felt like I was perched on the 3rd realm of the sun's surface, meeting all the new folks was my favorite part.)

When 8 pm rolled around, the sky darkened, lightning bolts raced across the sky and the bottom fell out. Since this was an outdoor event, I raced around the grassy area gathering all the hula hoops, bubble containers and trash I knew had been left by some of the kids that attended. Always fearful of being struck cold-hard dead by lightning, I exceeded an all-time land speed record for myself in the way I hustled to the car. I jumped in the front seat drenched like a wet dog and proceeded to the house. That's when it began......





The demands on the 5 minutes of pre-bedtime time we had left were swirling about and all I wanted to do was fall into my bed and crash. As I was doing sight word flashcards with my first grader, my seventh grader was calling out geographical locations at the top of his lungs so I could help him identify them on a map. Israel! The Gaza Strip! Egypt! The Suez Canal! My efforts to encourage him to look them up proved futile and then he threw me a curveball... the Strait of Hormuz???

Now you take me to Trivia Night and the subject is Geography...I'm your girl. Trivial Pursuit? I'll pick geography every time. But the Strait of Hormuz? I'm clearly slipping in The Advanced Stages of My Fading Youth. We found it right there attached to the Persian Gulf and then I promptly sent the children folk to bed so Momma could breathe, pack a lunch or two, and get ready for another busy day tomorrow including our Middle School Open House.

I recently turned down a fantastic job offer so that I could stay home and have days exactly like this. It's my first week and I'm questioning my sanity already.

And, if you knew where the Strait of Hormuz was without looking, I don't wanna know. :)

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