Friday, February 06, 2009

Reflections on Your Seventh

I thought about something as I woke this morning
That you have now been on this Earth seven years
With five of those years being spent in our family

But that is entirely untrue

Like we've always talked about
You were born in my heart instead of my tummy
And my heart knew you
And loved you
Long before your time here on Earth

And seven years ago I have no doubt
My heart smiled on this day
Knowing my son had come into this world
And that is the day our journey began
Our journey to find each other...

Flesh and blood do not always a bond make
But you, my child, are a reflection of me
We are one in the same you and I
Our determination and, yes, stubborness
The spark of mischief in your eye
So reminiscent of my own

Your competitive nature so familiar to me
And your humor and your laugh
Always desiring to be among friends
You are a delight to me child
You are a piece of me, of my heart
And on this, your seventh year,
I celebrate all that you are...

...every wiggly, goofy, determined, loving, stubborn,
funny, frustrating, sweet and wonderful ounce of you.

I celebrate you today.



Sincerely Anna said...

*Teary* Happy Birthday, D!

Michelle said...

Beautiful. As mom who adopted a daughter I can relate. Thank you for sharing this.

Melissa said...

Oh so sweet. Happy birthday to all of you! :o) Hope you have a great weekend.

Christina said...

You know how to bring on the happy tears. :) Happy Birthday Daniel!

MelDrop's Corner said...

beautifully written my dear. happy birthday d-train!!

Trina said...

Long time no see ;0)


Glad I managed to find you again...

Have a good one! :0)


MiaKatia said...

Happy Birthday D!!! Beautiful Katie, as always.