Sunday, November 02, 2008

You Were There

I thought about you today
As the afternoon sunlight
cast long shadows
across the bright green field
and the marching band played
as the pom pons danced
oh how you loved
this time of year

I thought about you today
As the toothy grin
and mischieveous giggle
of my youngest child
drew me closer to you
had you felt the same
when I was that age
like your heart would burst with love

I thought about you today
As the deepest purples
and the fiercest, fiery reds
lit up the maple trees
and when the sunset bore colors
I swear I'd never seen before
and the moon held its perch
next to a solitary star in the evening sky

You were with me today
Every step that I took
as a wife
as a mother
as a football fan
as a lover of nature
and details
that go unnoticed by many

You were very much there...


Michelle Gibson Chylek said...

That was beautiful. Really beautiful.

Sincerely Anna said...