Sunday, November 02, 2008

Oreo Eyeball Recipe...the Katie Way

First and foremost, I need to give a shout-out to Megan over at Fried Okra for her wildly delicious and creative Oreo Eyeball recipe! I made these for Daniel's first-grade Halloween party at school Friday and they were a huge hit--with kids and parents alike. Thank you, Megan!

If you would like to make these, Megan's recipe is perfect as is. Follow it and let the kudos pour in. However, if you'd like to, oh I don't know, "shake things up" a's an alternative recipe
for you to try. Kick the tires, follks and see whatcha think:

Katie's Special Super Duper Oreo Eyeball Extravaganza


Oreo cookies
cream cheese
white chocolate almond bark icing
sprinkles and stuff

Read directions carefully and insert unnecessary stress as needed:

1. Select a particularly busy day to make these and do not buy the ingredients until (lemme see...) 3 hours before you need to walk in the door with these beauties.

2. Return from grocery store and push all thoughts of the clothes that you have not packed for the trip that you are taking immediately after the party where these will be served.

3. For that extra sumthin' special, be sure to have a very curious and clingy 11-month old under foot in the kitchen. It only adds to the excitement of creating these gooey, ghoulish treats.

4. Blend/crush the Oreos and, just after you get the cream cheese all over your hands, realize that the 11-month old ingredient seriously needs his mid-morning nap. Wash hands, pat dry, put child down for nap, proceed with recipe.

5. Finish blending together of ingredients and roll into individual little balls. Repeat this step until you have approximately 9,855 little round meatball-looking thingies because that is precisely how many you will get out of a double batch.

6. Be sure to have signed up for a weight control program--I happened to choose Weight Watchers--and be on this program while making this recipe. And, as you roll Oreo balls that are too big, be sure to stray from your eating plan of choice completely by eating the excess that you remove from each one to make it the right size.

7. Place Oreo balls in a refrigerator that has no trace of edible groceries for 1 hour to chill.

8. Run, run like the wind, and throw in the load of laundry that you forgot to put in that happens to contain clothes that you will need for your trip in a few hours.

9. Get out a suitcase. Put some clothes in it for yourself, for your husband, oh and 2 kids that go through clean clothes like a hungry, stressed woman on a diet goes through Oreo eyeball dough. Be sure to pack camera, battery chargers, formula, toys, snacks, hostess gift for person who is feeding you brunch the next day and probably has more cooked for that than you do for your child's party that is taking place in just under two hours. Two hours?

10. Jump in shower.

11. Get out of shower and race into kitchen to check on chilled dough. Remove from fridge and heat almond bark in microwave. Set up area for dipping of Oreo balls into chocolate. And, just as you begin to dip treats into chocolate, you should hear your 11-month old wake up screaming from his too-short nap because it is time to feed him. Yes, without this step, the amount of stress in this recipe would be insufficient. Do not skip this step.

12. Wash hands, pray chocolate bark does not harden, retrieve screeching child from crib, make bottle, sit down for a feeding while watching minutes on clock tick away. Place child in high chair and continue.

13. Realize that two of the Oreo balls that you dipped had hardened before sprinkles and decor were applied. Eat them. They woulda' been a waste anyway. Rationalize that you simply could not have let them go to waste. Continue dipping, dripping, placing on wax paper, sprinkling, placing M&M for decor, and repeating. Be sure to place as many M&M's in your mouth as you do on the eyeballs.

14. Finish your project with 15 minutes to spare before you have to leave for party. Get dressed, dry hair, place goodies on a tray, get child dressed, run out the door, place child in car seat, place goody tray on passenger seat along with 2 rolls toilet paper for mummy wrap game, drive to school. On last curve before reaching school, let all eyeballs slide off tray onto front seat.

15. Smile, think happy thoughts of daisies and puppies and fields of flowers.

16. Arrive at destination. Figure out the best way to enter school with two rolls of toilet paper, a tray of chocolate eyeballs, your purse and your 11-month old child in tow. Contemplate this while you are parking approximately 2.3 miles away from the school.

17. Vow to sign up for "paper goods" next time.

See, nothin' to it.


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I would have done it the same way except I would have included thee step where I realized I had no laundry detergent.

Melissa said...

Aww. I know of no woman more capable than you to pull this off and look like the master of grace and poise. :o)

Sincerely Anna said...

Hahahaha! I can just see it - oh my gosh...what a funny post!

Cindy Edgar said...

You have me in tears!!! I can so see you doing this!

MelDrop's Corner said...

you forgot step 1a "Receive phone call from friend and try to talk to her while hinting that you need to get off the phone because you have too much to do and then her telling you that you're insane."

farmgirl beth said...

Now why on earth did my head just start to twitch?

farmgirl beth said...

Now why on earth did my head just start to twitch?

farmgirl beth said...

Now why on earth did my head just start to twitch?

farmgirl beth said...

Somebody help me!