Sunday, August 17, 2008

Return of the PUMAS

You'll probably remember my sorta recent post about D's shocking revelation: whatever this "PUMAS" thing is that Mom keeps talking about...well, it makes her grumpy.

**Door opens. All male readers make a mad dash out of my bloggy room as they realize that a "girly, "time-of-the-month" talk is happening.)**

I haven't had to deal with this PMS stuff on a regular basis since, well, never. I have always lamented the fact that I don't experience the full measure of womanhood like others and have even been ashamed not to have the requisite "supplies" in my purse ready to whip out if a friend was in need. But, I think I secretly relished the fact that there were no days of bloating, crankiness (well, not for menstrual reasons anyway) and PAIN. Boy, has that changed.

And not for the better, mind you.

Ever since I committed to my weight loss plan and the pounds started coming off I have had a pretty regular period. At first I was kind of excited. Well you can HAVE IT BACK because this whole period thing? yeah, well, it's FOR THE BIRDS. For the past week, I hve been struggling to get over a nasty case of bronchitis only to have Aunt Susy or Cousin Val or the "monthly visitor"-- whatever in the heck you might have decided to call it--pay me an ill-timed visit.

I tried to explain to my hubby how I'm feeling right now and I don't think he had a single solitary clue in the big blue yonder what I was talking about.

"You see honey, (sniffle, sniffle) I just feel all emotional and mixed up in my head. Even the littlest thing grates on my nerves like a proverbial fingernail on the chalkboard."

::blank stare::

I guess we'll all have to adjust to the new addition of mommy hormones around here. Yes, I'm a wee bit glad that this whole weight loss thing is working; but...if there were one benefit of our new life change that I would gladly give up?

Three guesses as to what that'd be.


Melissa said...

I am SO with you! I have enjoyed the heck out of this last year period-free...well, except for the couple of weeks after Mookie was born, of course...but that's different stuff. No Auntie Flo for me, weehee! :o)
Sorry, though, that you are "one of us" now.

Anonymous said...

Between my birth control shot, being pregnant, and nursing, I've only had a handful of "visits" in the last 7 years! It's so lovely! Of course, now I've got two daughters (on the SAME cycle, of course) who inject more than enough hormones and drama into our lives every 28-30 days. (::rolling eyes::)

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

My Aunt Flo came to visit this week and wreaked havoc. I'm not a fan.

Anonymous said...

I recently had my chart marked for PMDD because the pre Aunt Flo visit mood swings, bloating, fatigue, etc have gotten that bad.

The problem is that since Honey and I are trying to have another child I'm up the creek without a paddle.

MiaKatia said...

Dang! I am so bummed that of all the benefits of losing weight this one was added to the pot. Really it is a bummer. I hope that you are feeling less PUMAS soon.

dewde said...

On behalf of the other guys that read your blog let me say, "ewwww."

Oh, and don't think I haven't noticed you're still using my trademark double-colons-to-indicate-action technique.

:: big hugs ::

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you! I've returned to blogging! Tell your hubs I said "Sup dude." Let us know if you visit town.


Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh, but if you end up prego from the weight loss, can you imagine what a WW spokesperson you could become? :)