Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Weigh-In Day and the Elusive Mystery of PUMAS Revealed

Well, today is weigh-in day and I dreaded it. I honestly did not think I had lost a thing. In fact, I was afraid I might have gained because of, well, GIRLIE issues. Apologies to any menfolk that might be reading this. In fact, you can just stop reading right now.

Don't say I didn't give you ample warning.

You see, this is the SECOND month in a row that I have had, um, womanly occurrences. I don't do that. That's just not something my body does on its own. Hence why I have never been "with child." (Of course, I'm very much "with children" day in and day out. But, you know what I mean.)

Anyway, starting last month it happened on its own. And then, 5 weeks later, it has happened again. I must tell you, the letters P-M-S may be standard vocabulary for other households, but that's not something we've had to deal with on a regular basis. Well lemme tell ya, poor Keith is having to adjust to the new cyclical environment going on at Casa Bodiford and it ain't always so paradisical. (Yes, I made up that word...WHAT'S IT TO YA? Sorry, see what I mean?!) :-)

I have been tossing around the acronym PMS for a few weeks now and my sweet 6-year old sounds everything out when he thinks I'm spelling something he's not supposed to hear. So, he kept asking, "Mommy, what does "pumas" mean? I chuckled as I figured out what he was trying to spell.

"Well, son, um, it's something that girls go through when they're a little older. You don't need to worry about it."

Of course, that didn't do a lick of good. Every day, the Spanish Inquisition would commence as his curiosity about this particularly exotic acronym got the best of him. Finally, in an ill-timed, right-at-the-end-of-a-long-day trip to Wal-Mart, I was at the end of my rope. After the fiftieth time of asking him to stop touching things and asking to buy things, my son throws his hand on his hip and announces, "I have FINALLY figured it out!"

"What is that," I ask.

"What this PUMAS thing is. It means you're GROUCHY and GRUMPY. That's what it means."

Bingo, my boy.


Mama Razzi said...

HA! HA! HA! HA! I'm cracking up! Smart one he is...you better keep an eye on that one ;-) Keep your chin up girlie! You are doing a GREAT job!!!!

MiaKatia said...

Oh man I will never look at a pair of Pumas the same. You are too funny gal. Congrats on the weigh in!

Sincerely Anna said...

You have me cracking up. Last week when I had Pumas, Max recently asked me "why are you so mad at me with your voice?" Too funny!

My Goodness said...

GREAT job on the weightloss!! :) Woohoo! Keep it up!

And that may very well be the explanation of your new cycle. I lost some weight last year and it did CRAZY things to my cycle...longer, shorter, 45 days, then 30 days...yikes!!

Hang in there!!

Your son is sharp...teach him how to deal with it for the benefit of his future wife!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

That boy makes me laugh! :)

Congrats on more pounds gone! You amaze me!!!

Melissa said...

Way to go with the clicking of the pounds!!
Keep it up! I'm proud of you.

Anonymous said...

With a mom and three older sisters, my boys have no chance of the term PMS escaping their comprehension. Only, it's usually PMS+ because of that weird females-living-together-sync-cycles thing.

Congrats on your weigh-in. That's crazy awesome!!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah, this was funny, but I think your son has the true gift for humor.:)

I got all whacked out in the female way when I was on Weight Watchers too. And, I never lost right before my "time". But, the week of always seemed to be good.

Maybe this is a good thing for you. Maybe you will be getting soem PUMAS fringe benefits in the Weigh in dept...and that may be worth the grouchiness.

And, you better watch it. You may end of pregnant, although I am sure you would be thrilled :)

Anonymous said...

Pumas pales in comparison to the WMB

Anonymous said...

Kids are so quick to understand things you'd rather then not know about.
That's a lesson that will take him far in life and I'm sure you're future daughter-in-law is very grateful that you are helping him understand women at such an early age.

MelDrop's Corner said...

oh my goodness, that is hilarious. that d, he cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Oh funny boy! Way to go on your weight loss!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

If he marries a good Southern girl, you can tell him on his wedding night that PMS in the South is actually FTS (Fixin' ta Start) and that it means he should buy her some flowers and chocolate, finish up his honey do list and then go fishin' for a day or two. If all men's mothers would just explain this, the world would be a more peaceful place.

Suzanne said...

This post was hilarious! Kind of sad our little ones have to learn that acronym at such a young age. It's just a fact of life, I guess. I've always told my husband that he gets PMS too. (In men, it's Parting w/Money Syndrome.) Congratulations on your weight loss -- you are inspiring me!