Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pasadena pics

Saturday evening reception--perfect weather!

[above] shrimp shooters... a neat take on shrimp cocktail...
[below] an alternative to mixed fruit...build-your-own fruit kabobs

Me [left] and Cindy (pal/conference assistant) at our Saturday evening reception

Our new friend Tinashe [actor who we hired through the temp service to help out at registration] Be on the lookout for her. She is extremely funny and very talented... possibly slated for a new NBC show. We LOVED working with her!

View from the room...overlooking Pasadena at sunrise

The view of the Pasadena wildfire from my room...
I fell asleep with my window open and awoke to find my ironed
shirt covered in ash from the fire. A little scary!


Mia said...

Looks like after all the tough stuff, the trip turned out really well! I love the idea of the fruit kabobs. Delish!

Alice Wills Gold said...

One thing that I don't miss about CA are the fires..

Two things I really miss about CA...the produce and seafood!

WOW! that food looked so good!