Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One of LIfe's Little Tragedies

D.'s backpack broke this morning. The zipper became ensnared with the fabric and, while trying to loosen it, it broke with 8 minutes to spare until the bus came.

"What am I going to do?!," exclaimed my 6-year old.

Kick into Mommy high-gear.

Now, may I remind you that many of our back-up items are still boxed up. And, because of this, the only solution was to plunk his folders and snack into a black backpack that was too small but at least zipped up halfway.

You'da thought I'd dressed the child in a pair of pink overalls.

"But,'s too smalllllllll...nobody else wears a backpack this smalllllllllllllll."

"Well, this is our only option or you'll miss the bus," I replied.

Nevermind that we had drawn farm animals, made a cool farm book for his homework and just finished his favorite breakfast. Nope-- my Mommy Points dropped significantly with what I'm sure he'll remember as The Tragic Backpack Incident.

So, with drooped head and slumped shoulders, my poor, underprivileged child slowly trodded his way to the bus stop.

The sad thing is that, as his parent, I know there will be bigger tragedies he'll encounter in his life. But, I also know that I would have given anything to "save the day" and produce some cool solution to his dilemma.

Oh well, life will go on. Even with a too-small must go on.

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Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

We too had a tragic morning. Couldn't find two tennis shoes that matched. WHY oh WHY is that such an impossibility? So he was wearing sandals, which meant he would miss recess as they are not allowed. Bad, bad mommy. But God was faithful and we found the other &%() shoe in the car as we pulled into school.

I tagged you in a cool meme - can't wait to see what you say.