Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mouse in a Wheel

airport arrivals
find the right lane
going too fast
slowwwwww it down

searching, searching faces
for one that looks like me
travelers crossing
wait, wait, wait

military man waves his hand
high in the air
flagging down a truck
thank you for your service, sir

cute little policeman
compact and friendly
"keep it movin', folks..."
searching, searching

no sign of sis

off we go, back on the road
making the circle
airport arrivals
find the right lane

speed B..U..M..P
jostle, jostle
searching more faces
friends reunited
a tearful embrace

no sign of sis
gotta keep moving
here I go again
back on the road

another lap

mouse in wheel

going in circles

searching, searching...

ooh! there she is
waving me down
a tearful embrace

back on the road
breaking the cycle
away we go.............


Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS! AND I am SO glad she got to come!! Hooray, hooray!

Rebecca said...

Awesome poem! And yay for your sis getting to come!

julie said...

Loved the poem. Congrats on finally finding her. Have a great time together.


Anonymous said...

You are amazing! LOVE IT!