Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Boy's Prayer-- July 23, 2006

These are but a few excerpts from Daniel's prayer tonight...a prayer that lasted a minimum of 5 - 6 minutes. It took everything Keith and I had not to giggle out loud at times because it was so cute....

here are just a few parts from tonight:

"...and God I love you and wish that you were here to play with me but you can't God because you are far away in a much bigger house, God and you have a lot of people there to take care of..."

"...God I hope you have fun with all the people that live up there with you now, God and please be sure to take care of them..."

"...and I know I can't see you right now, God but I will see you when I die one day..." (wow)

"Please watch over Momma tomorrow because I'm going to miss her when I'm at church school and also watch over Daddy because I'm going to miss him, too...and I hope we all have a good day tomorrow and that we're kind like you, God..."

"...Thank you for all our blessings and please give us all your sins, Lord... Amen."

Amen, Daniel.


dewde said...

Man. How many times have I wished that I, too, had God's sins... instead of my own.

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