Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Afternoon on the Trampoline

Have you ever listened to birds sing? Really listened? That was the only sound in the air as I lay on the trampoline this afternoon for a brief, but much needed, nap.

The sun was toasty warm on my arms and legs and a cool breeze made the intense sunshine feel like a warm blanket on a cold night.I laid on my back and stared at the brilliant blue sky and white and grey clouds overhead. And then I focused on the birds. Each different sound rung out like a familiar word:

"Tomato...tomato...tomato, " one chirped.

"Wheel...wheel...wheel, " the other answered.

I grinned thinking what they could actually be talking about... these birds in the trees. Quite possibly it could have been the person laying on the trampoline with a pillow in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. Who knows.

But nap I did. I drifted off watching the clouds move ever so slowly across the blue expanse. I didn't try to make shapes or faces out of the massive billowy pillows floating through the sky; instead, I let their slow cadence, deliberate yet graceful, lull me to sleep.

A little while later, I awoke to the cheerful songs of my newfound friends.

"Weep weep, weep weep," a new one crooned.

Such was my thirty minutes of heaven on a Sunday afternoon. Just me, a pillow, some clouds, a refreshingly cool spring breeze and a few feathered friends to serenade me.

Man, I'm blessed.

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