Monday, April 26, 2010

"Don't Forget the Trash" from 35,000 Feet

I was sitting at the computer tonight knowing full well that my husband was somewhere in the skies between Dallas and Orlando when suddenly up pops this chat box:

"hey" says bkbodiford

Do what?

Apparently he was trying a new inflight internet option for free but it was oh so cool (if not a little freaky) to know that he's flying high and typing away to me live. I even got spoiled and hoped to chat some more once I got the boys to bed.

GOT THE BOYS TO BED. Oh, I make myself laugh. It's 10:30 and I still hear them. We have what I like to call "sleep issues" in this house. I'll save it for another post.

But, once I got the boys in the bed for Round 1 (ding, ding) I raced back to the computer but he was offline :( A little while later he called me from the ground saying he had made it safe.

Well, this chickadee is ready to turn it in for the night. And yes, honey, per your reminder from up above the clouds, the trash has been taken out.

:) Katiebod night night now.


Sincerely Anna said...

Woah, that's cool.

Sleep issues? Yeah, we've got those too. It's usually between 10-11 before the house is totally quiet. I can't wait until summer when those kids can burn more energy and tire themselves out at the pool.

Keith said...

maybe next week you can remind me from zero feet, since I forgot to put the trash out yesterday :)