Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pizza Day

I surprised Keith with a card this morning that read something like " Do you remember when we were kids and how excited we were when we found out it was Pizza Day in the cafeteria and how that was the best day of all school lunch days? With you every day is Pizza Day..."


But it's true. Because I am human and an idiot most of the time, I have often taken this wonderful creature that I am married to for granted. He is not perfect but he's pretty darn close. He cooks better than me, he does just as much as I do around here and he works hard for our family. He is funny and silly and serious and smart and dedicated and forgets to send birthday cards and leaves his shoes lying around. He is reserved and quiet and playful and loud. He is an honest and caring father and he puts up with me.

That last characteristic is not to be overlooked or taken lightly, folks. He puts up with me and that's no easy task I tell ya. I am forgetful and lazy and I procrastinate like nobody's business. I am goofy and talk too much and never meet a stranger...often forcing him to test his patience in any social setting. I am moody and emotional and stubborn as all get out. Living with the Katie is no cakewalk, I assure you.

Yet he does it willingly. Sometimes he even acts like he enjoys it.

In a couple weeks we will be celebrating fifteen years of him being tied down with a nutcase...I mean, we will be celebrating our beautiful marriage. And to do so, we will be renewing our vows to each other in a simple ceremony with family here at our home.

Sounds like he's going to sign up for a few more years of living in an insane asylum. Guess perpetual Pizza Day is worth a little crazy every now and then, huh?

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Sincerely Anna said...

The Pizza Day thing is too cute and I love that you are renewing your vows for your 15th Anniversary. I'm sure it will be a very special day.