Monday, August 03, 2009

5 Subscribers, Really?

A friend of mine recently commented that I have 5 subscribers to my blog. WOW. And here I thought I was all alone doing the writing equivalent of talking to myself. Thank you for tying a knot in the end of the rope and hanging on you 5 dedicated people. I am back. I think. Don't hold me to that...but I sure am gonna give it my best.

I have missed using this as an outlet of expression. No, I never really say anything too outlandish and I am not usually one to spark a huge debate on here. But that's fine, too. I just like jotting down my thoughts and having a place like this to do so is comforting.

So I shall try once again to get my "blog on."

Maybe I'll be at 7 subscribers by year end. We can all dream, can't we?


Angela said...

Haha, yeah according to google reader you have 33 subscribers, wahoo!

Melissa said...

Yeah, I think I'm one of those 33 who subscribes through Google Reader. :o)
I'm always watching, always hoping for a funny, inspiring, touching story from Katie B and her BoyZ. :o)

Sheri in your old house said...

Yeah, Facebook is fine, but it can't beat a good blog! Welcome back! :-)

farmgirl beth said...

I don't ever, ever, subscribe to blogs- haven't figured out WHY. But... thought I'd let you know that I still watch for those elusive posts, because I like you. :) And if our kids are really going to be married someday, I figure I had better keep tabs on you.