Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Night Sky

With Keith still in Chicago, I was relieved to tuck the boys in bed and have a moment of silence to usher out what had been a hectic day. Fall was in full swing with a nip in the air and I opened the sliding french doors along the back of the house to let the breeze blow through. I stepped out onto the deck and looked up to see if it was a clear evening. What I saw took my breath away. In the silken black of the night sky, millions of stars peered back at me and asked me to join them for a relaxing conversation.

And, of course, I obliged.

I ran back inside, grabbed a pillow and a couple blankets, and ran outside into the dark stillness like a giddy schoolgirl at a slumber party. I picked the perfect spot, spread out the first blanket, laid down and covered up with the other. With my head resting softly on the pillow, I opened my eyes. At first, it was intoxicating and I even felt slightly dizzy as I gazed upward. There were clusters of tiny stars intermingling with larger, sparkly ones that seemed to perch upon clouds and smoke trails. The groupings of stars appeared almost cliquish-- each constellation set apart from the other in hushed conversations.

I actually giggled as I laid there feeling almost defiant-- like I had discovered a hidden treasure and was keeping it all to myself. I dozed on and off and felt completely at peace. After a while, the chill got the best of me and I went inside and climbed into a warm, comfy bed...drifting off to sleep with sweet dreams of my amazing night sky.

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farmgirl beth said...

Can I be you when I grow up?