Sunday, October 05, 2008

And Then She Proceeded to Ramble

Because I have had the tear-jerker post up there since Thursday, I figured I needed to put something--anything--up here to relieve you of the emotional drain. So, there you go. I posted somethin. See ya later.

Yeah, not so fast.

There is a lot goin on in our household. Well-meaning friends keep asking for updates so here goes:

The Move: Blech. OK, everyone who has had to purchase a separate address book just to hold all the addresses Keith and I have had since we've been married? Toss 'em! We're here to stay. I shall plunk down my white flag, stake this land out as my plot and I shall rock grandbabies on this porch. You think I'm kidding? Take one look out at the Sanford & Son set in my garage and you'll know that I am NEVER. MOVING. AGAIN. ever.

The Other House: Yep. Still not leased. We're now land barons. If you would like a vacation home in the Nashville area for the weekend at a great me! All you need to bring is, well, furniture...or sleeping bags! Attention church groups-- think of it as camping...but inside with air conditioning! Oh, I think I'm onto something here! Please pray for a tenant to come along so we're not THROWING MONEY AWAY every month. Yuck.

Football: We are mighty excited about our Crimson Tide team...although our boys weren't exactly looking like themselves yesterday but we still managed a win. We went to the game yesterday and had a great time although it was exactly 612 degrees hotter than the surface of the sun. We're 6-0 on the season and looking forward to a down week this coming Saturday for some much needed rest (for the team and for me!)

Nights in Rodanthe: My sweet hubby encouraged me to go see a movie ALL BY MYSELF on Friday night. I hardly knew what to do with myself, I tell you. But my choice of flick. It was baaaaad. I know Nicholas Sparks' movies are usually chicky and sappy and somewhat predictable but I loved The Notebook so I decided to give this one a try. Mistake. It was cheesy, boring, predictable and was basically every sappy movie you've ever seen rolled up into a big ball of nothin.

What is this about a marathon? Yes, the words Katie and marathon would never be uttered in the same breath--in my head for sure. But, I am training for a HALF marathon on April 25 here in Nashville. The Country Music Marathon and I'm pretty excited. Hopefully I'll be able to stick with the whole weight loss (um, I mean life change!) thing and be but a shadow of my former self by then! :) My sis-in-law has agreed to do it with me and hopefully we can cross that finish line together, hand in hand and be on the next video with inspirational music and people crying as they attain their goal. I know I shed a tear when I watched the darn thing. Just the thought of accomplishing something I never dreamed I could would be amazing. Will you be my cheering section??? I'm gonna need it especially around the holidays. My oh my.

OK...enough yapping for now...I'm going to run and try to be productive!



Melissa said...

A half marathon? AWESOME!!!!!! You Go Girl!!! I love love love being a part of the marathon (or half) cheering section! Seriously, it's more fun than about anything I can think of right now! I just really wish we could come to Nashville and cheer you on in person!

Sincerely Anna said...

Yay! Updates! And a half-marathon! Wooohoooo!

Anonymous said...

my last post didn't show up so i don't guess u got it. the normster and i are running our 1st 1/2 marathon this sat! he's up to 16 miles. i've just done 12 so far - that is until my knees gave out! :) pray that i can crawl across the finish line. give the little ones a hug for me.