Sunday, November 02, 2014

All I Dream Is You

El Mulrooney is a very talented long distance pal in Canada. 
This is his original song and it's beuatiful.

"All I Dream is You"

Take me back to where we started,
Take me back to where we end;
I was alone and empty hearted,
All I needed was a friend.
There was you.... there was always you,
To guide me through my darkest day;
Such a fool.... I was such a fool,
To watch you walk away.

With words left unspoken,Promises broken;
I had but one thing to lose,
Now all I dream is you.

Sometimes I sit and wonder,
Where would we be today,
If our hearts weren't torn asunder,
If we hadn't gone our separate ways.
All this time.... all this precious time,
Moments sinking in the sand;
I was blind.... why was I so blind,
To let love slip right through my hands?

If I could go back to that moment,
Then I would hold you close to my heart;
And I would let fall those paper walls around us,
And we would never be apart.

These memories hold me like a prison,
But there ain't no bars around my cage;
Though our story may be written,
I can't turn the final page.
In this heart.... in this foolish heart,
There's a place you can run to;
Worlds apart.... though we're worlds apart,
I'll always keep a place for you.

Words left unspoken,Promises broken;
There's nothing left I can do,
So all I dream is you.

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