Sunday, September 07, 2014

A Visit With the Devil

Written Sat. Sep. 6

The Devil and I had a little chat today. The fiery furnace blazed all around us and the waves of heat singed my brows as rivers of sweat cascaded down my neck. I squinted my eyes before snapping to as the strains of the fight song began. Where am I? My thoughts swirled like the crimson and white shakers all around me. I realized I was not in Hell but attending a college football game in the deep south at 11am on a 97-degree day. Guess it's hard to tell the difference.

The first home game of the year was a scorcher for sure both in temperature as well as yards of offense for the Crimson Tide. With 621 yards, Bama nearly broke its all-time record set in 1973. But Mother Nature took pity on us and decided to open up the skies causing the game to be called due to weather with just over 7 minutes remaining.

Now it's back to Lake Lurleen, an ice cold shower, more football and a golden retriever to snuggle with. Roll Tide.

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