Saturday, January 29, 2011

It Will Stop Snowing at Some Point, Won't It?

At least I packed with this kind of weather in mind.

But, what I didn't expect was the swing in weather that I've experienced since arriving in Alberta, Canada on Wednesday. After landing in Calgary, I threw on the heavy, Antarctica-style coat only to shed it the moment I stepped out the door. The air was crisp but not chilly making it feel like an early Spring day back home in Nashville rather than a wintry Canada day. For the next couple days, I delighted in this unexpected blast of "warmth" and stowed my winter gear in the closet.

That was then. As of today, it is 12 degrees outside and we got a foot of snow overnight and it is still pouring down. It is oh-so-beautiful but COLD OH MY GOODNESS IS IT COLD.

Tomorrow I head back to Nashville where I hear people are at the park in short sleeves and such. I am green with envy. Winter 2011 has allowed me to see more snow than some folks see in a lifetime.

Bring on the buttercups, Momma Nature. I couldn't be more ready.

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