Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jacob

Dear Jacob,

My heart almost burst with love for you yesterday.

We were decorating for Christmas and you walked over to a box of ornaments, picked up a little wreath that had a bell attached and shook it as you sang--in the faintest of voices-- "Jiggle Bell, Jiggle Bell, jiggle all away..." The rest of the chorus was muffled but it was undoubtedly the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I didn't know you even knew that song much less an attempt at the words. No, it wasn't some huge milestone that has its own page in baby books. It was one of those little nuggets of time when I wanted to press the "pause" button and soak in the wonder of you. I have had many of those moments in the past three years. And, one thing is for certain. Your fiery temper and independent "I do it" nature is balanced well with a tender, sweet, playful spirit that shines brightly through those big, blue eyes...eyes that make me melt on a daily basis.

I remember three years ago like it was yesterday. The classic image of an expectant mother, I was sitting in your nursery rocking in a rocking chair with nothing but a small table lamp illuminating the features of your room. I surveyed the murals on the wall, the closet full of tiny clothes and the basket of stuffed animals ready to be loved. I listened to the rain drops fall softly on the window ledge outside and dreamed of holding you and gently rocking you to sleep. Two short days later you came into this world and the countdown to bring you home began. As grueling as that process was in 2007, it is but a distant memory as you sit 3 feet from me right now playing with the new tool set you got for your birthday.

The joy you bring to our lives is inexplicable. Your enthusiasm for each new day, your sly little grin and the way you bound into my arms each morning makes my heart smile. You are a wonderful, smart, curious, energetic, humorous, stubborn, sweet child and I am blessed to be your Mom.

Happy 3rd birthday, Jacob. I could not love you more.


Mia said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

I can NOT believe he's THREE. Where does the time go??? What a loving, sweet letter to a boy who sounds like the light of Mom's life.