Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Whoda thunk I'd be iced in....in LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS? Perhaps if I was doing a site visit in, say, Montreal? or Vancouver? But as I packed my Mommy Mobile and headed west...I can assure you I wasn't thinking I'd be heading into this.

I did check the weather forecast and, hopefully, it will be safe for me to head back tomorrow.

I look out my hotel window and this is what I see:

Little Rock or New York City?
City streets coated in ice
Heavy white plumes of steam
Escaping from manhole covers
A river slowly creeping by
Too cold to ripple or flow
Brave motorists
Cautiously making their way

A non-existent sky
Once blue and endless
Now obscured by fog and 
a drizzly, sleety mist
Pedestrians amble by
Huddled and bundled
No relaxed chit chat
As they go to and fro

Winter has settled here
If only briefly
Making a grand entrance
I am perfectly content
Surveying the scene from here
From the warmth of my perch
in Room 1623...


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